Wellness Services

Healing from the inside out. No surgery, no pain, no downtime!

Renew through state-of-the-art health analysis and holistic treatments tailored to your goals!

Red Light Therapy

At Renewal, we offer state-of-art, full-body red light therapy. The FDA-approved Trifecta system delivers infra-red and near-infra-red light to provide many dimensions of healing! It’s safe, fast, and effective.

Photobiomodulation – it’s a big name for the power of light to transform your body at the cellular level. No surgery, no downtime, no medications!

Benefits Include:

Reduces weight by expelling waste from fat cells
Improved circulation by increasing Nitric Oxide production
Increased energy through ATP production
Reduces inflammation
Increases circulation
Supports thyroid function
Improves Lyme’s disease
Decreases neuropathy (heals damaged nerve cells)
Improves painful joints from arthritis
Slows dermal aging and stimulates collagen to tighten skin
Improves stretch marks and scars
Releases Serotonin (relaxation)

Functional Nutrition

We believe in health with intention. The old phrase “you are what you eat” is pretty accurate. Genetics certainly plays a role, but daily exposure to foods or chemicals that cause inflammation can significantly damage your health.

Providing wellness and preventive care for our clients is our passion! Whole-person care for our clients is central to our wellness services, hence the name Renewal! We aim to help you excel in work-related activities, sports, and recreation. Strength for Life!

We assess your body composition and health risks through Styku - state-of-the-art technology, metabolic testing, and food allergen assessment as needed. Solutions will be offered for your healthcare needs based on your individual goals and evaluation findings.

Integrating lifestyle medicine into the rehabilitation equation will help reboot your body! Medically managed nutrition, movement analysis, and red light therapy will help your body detox and begin to recover. We get it – life is hard, but we are here to support you on your road to complete Renewal, spirit, soul, and body. At Renewal Therapeutics and Wellness, we tailor our services to your needs to you can achieve your goals!

  • Earl Wicker
    Today was my 7th visit. I never thought I would ever be without the burning, stinging, forever-cold toes. Those that said nothing could be done were wrong. Go to [Dr. Harvey]; you have nothing to lose except the pain you don’t want anyway.
    Earl Wicker
  • Darrin
    I have been in pain for two years. The doctors told me there was nothing else they could do to help me. I also just got over COVID pneumonia. Dr. Harvey recommended the red-light treatment for the neuropathy and I was able to stand for the first time without pain in two years! I could feel the pain going away during the treatment. I am not coughing anymore either. Thank you for bringing this to our community
  • J.
    I reached out to Elizabeth due to concerns of incontinence. I was aware of her experience and knowledge of pelvic floor dysfunction. She was fantastic in breaking this problem down for me as well as recommending manageable and feasible strategies to address this problem. Today I no longer have this concern! I’m so happy I reach out to her as this was really affecting my quality of life.
  • Tamara A.
    I am currently pregnant and reached out to Elizabeth for guidance regarding my diastasis recti and SI joint dysfunction. Elizabeth and I conducted a telehealth visit. The visit went very smoothly, without complications. Elizabeth is a very dedicated, patient, professional and compassionate Physical Therapist. She listened intently and explained her treatment plan thoroughly. I highly recommend Elizabeth! Thank you so much for your help and recommendations!
    Tamara A.

Life Coaching

Change is, well, hard!

The results you have in your health and life are a result of your current thoughts, beliefs, and patterns. Coaching empowers you to make decisions that will propel you to the next level that you are looking for in your health and life journey!

What to Expect:

One-on-one sessions with our certified health and wellness coaches
A comprehensive review of your current eating and lifestyle habits
Discover the "why" behind your health goals and how to achieve them
Customized guidance to help you easily integrated food and lifestyle changes to reach your health and wellness goals
Meal planning strategies, healthy grocery and cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene shopping, and easy-to-make recipes for a busy life
Meal planning strategies, healthy grocery and cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene shopping, and easy-to-make recipes for a busy life

Dr. Elizabeth G. Harvey, DPT

Dr. Harvey is a native of Berkeley County who has been serving patients for over 20 years. She is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. Dr. Harvey specializes in women’s health, pelvic floor rehabilitation, neuropathy reversal, and orthopedic rehabilitation using a holistic, individualized approach. She is the mother of three boys and understands firsthand the challenges that accompany the blessing of childbearing. Let me use a lifetime of skills and knowledge to help you live well!