Women's Health

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Women's Health

Don’t be embarrassed; most moms are working through these same issues! We ask that you don’t accept wetting your pants when you laugh or feel pain with sex as the “new norm.” We are experienced in finding the root of the issue and helping you work through pain with intimacy, pelvic organ prolapse, and constipation. We will guide you in regaining strength and function!

  • Earl Wicker
    Today was my 7th visit. I never thought I would ever be without the burning, stinging, forever-cold toes. Those that said nothing could be done were wrong. Go to [Dr. Harvey]; you have nothing to lose except the pain you don’t want anyway.
    Earl Wicker
  • Darrin
    I have been in pain for two years. The doctors told me there was nothing else they could do to help me. I also just got over COVID pneumonia. Dr. Harvey recommended the red-light treatment for the neuropathy and I was able to stand for the first time without pain in two years! I could feel the pain going away during the treatment. I am not coughing anymore either. Thank you for bringing this to our community
  • J.
    I reached out to Elizabeth due to concerns of incontinence. I was aware of her experience and knowledge of pelvic floor dysfunction. She was fantastic in breaking this problem down for me as well as recommending manageable and feasible strategies to address this problem. Today I no longer have this concern! I’m so happy I reach out to her as this was really affecting my quality of life.
  • Tamara A.
    I am currently pregnant and reached out to Elizabeth for guidance regarding my diastasis recti and SI joint dysfunction. Elizabeth and I conducted a telehealth visit. The visit went very smoothly, without complications. Elizabeth is a very dedicated, patient, professional and compassionate Physical Therapist. She listened intently and explained her treatment plan thoroughly. I highly recommend Elizabeth! Thank you so much for your help and recommendations!
    Tamara A.

What to Expect for Evaluation

Please write down all your questions before you come. We want you to understand your body and the road to recovery!

Once in the treatment room, your therapists will ask you questions about your condition. Your posture, balance, back and hip motion, pelvic alignment, and scar integrity will be examined. Your therapist will explain the anatomy of the pelvis using an anatomical model. Then your therapist will give your privacy and ask you to get undressed from the waist down.

Your evaluation is as individual as your treatment plan. We want you to know you are in control of the extent of the process! External and internal examinations are ways to fully determine what structures are impacting your health and wellness.

You will be covered by a sheet when on the treatment table. Your therapist will examine the perineum (the area covered by your underwear) and possibly perform a vaginal and/or rectal exam. This is only done with your consent but can provide important information to create your Plan of Care. Your therapist will use non-latex gloves and lubrication during this part of the exam to make it more comfortable. Once this part of the exam is finished, your therapist will give you privacy to dress. Your therapist will explain their findings, make recommendations to meet your goals, and answer any questions you still have.

Dr. Elizabeth G. Harvey, DPT

Dr. Harvey is a native of Berkeley County who has been serving patients for over 20 years. She is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. Dr. Harvey specializes in women’s health, pelvic floor rehabilitation, neuropathy reversal, and orthopedic rehabilitation using a holistic, individualized approach. She is the mother of three boys and understands firsthand the challenges that accompany the blessing of childbearing. Let me use a lifetime of skills and knowledge to help you live well!